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If you're looking for a tree surgeon or arborist in Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire, then look no further than Urban Tree Care. Our specialist team of tree surgeons cover the whole of Rushcliffe and the surrounding areas of Nottinghamshire, providing a range of services for those who need their outdoor environment looked after.

Our team are all professionally trained and have passed NPTC and LANTRA assessments, which demonstrates competence to carry out any tree work, working to British Standard guidelines. We use the latest safety equipment to protect ourselves, our clients and their property.


We have £5,000,000 in public liability insurance and our staff are covered by £10,000,000 in employee liability insurance, giving you total peace of mind that your tree surgery requirements in Nottingham are met with professionalism.

Rushcliffe covers around 157 square miles and we cover all of it, including West Bridgford, Bingham, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Cotgrave, Keyworth, Ruddington and East Leake.

Rushcliffe tree surgeon

We take all debris and mess away with us and dispose of all trees responsibily, recycling the wood. This is turned into woodchip or is collected from a recycling centre by a biomass supplier who distributes this fuel source to power stations around the UK.


tree surgeon in Rushcliffe


There are many reasons why a tree might need to be removed in Rushcliffe, such as safety, the health of the tree, development of the area, location or just a customer's personal preference.

Most of our tree removals in Rushcliffe and the surrounding area are carried out using section removal, which involves us cutting larger branches into smaller sections, then lowering to the ground using ropes.


Once just the main stem remains we'll remove it in small sections (from the top down) until it's possible to fell the remaining stem in the available space without safety or damage concerns.


In the event of a storm, trees can fall and become dangerous to people in Rushcliffe, causing potentially lethal hazards to people in their homes, vehicles or walking down the street.

We work with domestic customers and commercial clients across Rushcliffe such as local councils, the emergency services, insurance companies and schools in order to quickly, safely and professionally remove any fallen and dangerous trees, responsibly disposing of them in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

fallen tree removal Rushcliffe
tree stump grinding in Rushcliffe


Usually when a tree is removed people prefer to deal with the stump at the same time. Stump grinding allows the client to use the area where the tree once stood for replacing a lawn, planting a shrub bed or creating a patio area. Stumps can normally be ground to 250mm below ground level (as other material nearby may limit how deep the grinder can go).

When a tree stump is ground down we advise not to replant a tree in the same area as the root system will remain underground and could interfere with the new tree's establishment. If the old tree had a disease that disease may still be present in the remaining root tissue and can be transmitted into the new tree.

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