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WE'll look after your hedge cutting in style

nottingham hedge trimming

Keep your hedges trimmed, looking neat and tidy all year round. Our professional team will use specialist equipment to maintain and trim your hedges and bushes anywhere in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.


Ideal for both domestic and commercial customers, we'll ensure that your hedges look neat and tidy, plus make sure that they're safe, healthy and don't invade any privacy on surrounding premises.

Keeping your hedges trimmed can be a challenge... it's time consuming and requires a lot of energy, so leave it to the experts to take care of it for you.


Our professionally trained team of arborists will trim your hedges to a manageable and enjoyable size making sure that they're nice to look at and do your property justice.


Our team use the latest equipment and have years of experience, plus public liability insurance so you have total peace of mind.


All hedges trimmed in Nottingham


Whether you have box hedges, privet hedges, leylandii or any other type of hedge, we can help. Some hedges only require trimming once or twice a year, others require more regular maintenance, but we can handle it.


We'll look after your overgrown or untidy hedges and bushes, ensuring that they remain healthy. This service will ensure that your property and its beautiful greenery continues to look good all year long.

hedge trimming in nottingham
nottingham hedge trimming

Privet hedge trimming


We recommend that a privet hedge is best trimming at least twice a year, usually between May and August. This will maximise the chances of growth into a beautiful, thick hedge and will strengthen the hedge throughout the cold winter months.

The more that a privet hedge is trimmed, the thicker and more dense it will become.

Leylandii trimming


We recmmend that leylandii are trimmed in the Spring and the Summer. Autumn and winter months should be avoided because leylandii goes dormant in the winter, so a trim too close to winter will prevent growth.

It's better for leylandii to be trimmed more regularly and quite lightly, rather than occasional and very heavy trims.

Conifer trimming


There are many kinds of conifers in the UK, including pine, Douglas fir, Leyland cypress, yew and many more. They grow fast and can become very tall indeed, depending on species. Conifers require regular trims to look neat and aesthetically pleasing. You can do it yourself but it's best when done professionally. Never fear, we can help with any conifer trimming in Nottingham!


Your conifers should be cut a couple of times per year, but spread out. When to get them pruned and trimmed will vary depending on the species that you have, as Pines, Thujas, Junipers and False Cypress should be trimmed in late spring and early summer, whereas Douglas firs, firs, Spruces, Hemlocks and Yews should be pruned in the late winter or late summer when they're dormant.

nottingham hedge trimmed
hedge cutting in nottingham



If you're looking for a quote for any of the tree or hedge care services that we offer, you can get in touch with us via telephone or by filling out the quotation form. A member of the team will be in touch to discuss how we can help and arrange a site survey if needed.


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