Looking for commercial tree surgery in Nottingham and the surrounding areas?


We work with businesses, schools, local authorities and landlords for all their commercial tree care needs in Nottingham.


Our professional team of arborists offer a range of services for businesses and local authorities across Nottinghamshire, including tree pruning and care and tree planting. If you need a tree removing, we can take care of that too, with a professional tree felling sevice, plus stump grinding for a clear finish.

We use the latest equipment, have professional training for our entire team and have a wealth of experience in commercial tree care. At Urban Tree Care we also specialise in complete tree removal for both single trees and on a larger scale. In addition, for our clients we provide ongoing ground maintenance, tree care, hedge trimming, pruning and tree planting.


If a tree requires pruning, trimming or felling, our team will check that any trees we are working on aren't protected by a Tree Preservation Order or are within a Conversation Area.


If they are, we can complete all of the necessary application process with the local authority to allow us to carry out all the requested work on the tree.

commercial tree surgeon in nottingham

Insured. Trained. Professional.


You'll have total peace of mind, knowing that our team have £5m in public liability insurance and £10m in employee liability insurance. We care deeply about the environment, so we'll also ensure that no nesting birds, bats or other wildlife will be harmed by any tree felling or care on your premises.


We offer free quotes and site visits across Nottinghamshire, so request a quote with us today for your tree care needs and let the experts look after everything for you. We also offer commercial hedge trimming and pruning, for ongoing ground maintenance and landscaping of your premises.


We offer a range of different services for our commercial customers across Nottinghamshire. We get requests from schools and councils for dealing with fallen tree removals, tree felling, stump grinding and hedge trimming and care. We also work with commercial landlords and other private businesses for all their requirements.

Council Planning Applications

Where tree work is requested within Conservation Areas or on specific trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), formal applications to the local council are needed. Should you require assistance with a planning application for any tree work, we can provide this service.

Conservation Areas and TPOs allow local authorities to protect trees and woodlands in the interest of amenity. Once an application has been submitted to the council it can decide to grant, or refuse permission to carry out any of the work detailed. It is an offense to carry out any tree work within conservation areas or on a tree covered by a TPO without obtaining consent from the council.