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There can be any number of reasons why a customer is looking for tree care in Nottingham. Most of our customers are looking for professional tree surgeons in Nottingham that can cut, prune and take care of their trees.

Perhaps your tree isn't letting through enough light? Perhaps it's in danger of falling during high winds and bad weather? Or maybe you think your tree may have a disease and needs some professional care.

At Urban Tree Care, we love trees and our specialist trained team will look after domestic and commercial customers across Nottingham, providing tree care services. We also offer a tree planting service.

Whether you're looking for tree cutting, pruning or any other form of tree care, trust our qualified team to look after you. We look to see if trees are covered by TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) or are within Conservation Areas before carrying out any works and ensure that all debris is removed afterwards.


We can even provide you with the wood chippings and timber if you would like to keep some for firewood or mulch.


Take a look at some of the tree pruning, cutting and other care services that we offer, along with some descriptive imagery and information courtesy of the Arboricultural Association.


Our specialist team take great care to look after your tree. Every pruning cut will inflict a wound on the tree and as plant biology is totally different to that of humans, a tree will not heal and repair in the same way... all the more reason to enlist the help of professional arborists.


For the benefit of the tree's long term health - and the benefits that a tree gives to the environment - it's important that cuts from pruning are kept as small as possible in order to help with the tree's recovery from the work that's been carried out, ensuring it lives a long and healthy life.

tree crown lift


tree crown thin


tree crown reduce




If customers are looking for a crown lift then often they want to improve the physical appearance of their tree by removing some of the unwanted branches lower down the stem.

This could be just for aesthetics, or because they want to put a bench or other furniture at the base of the tree. We'll remove the lower branches up to the specified height to give clearance below. This is a great way of increasing light to areas closer to  the tree, and allowing access under the crown of the tree.

After the lift, the crown should still be at least two thirds of the overall height of the tree. Larger branches shouldn't be removed as this can cause large wounds to the tree, leading to decay and long-term health problems for your tree.

tree crown lift
tree crown thinning nottingham



Often a customer will have a tree that's not letting enough light through, or the tree is under heavy load from high winds and there's a danger of it falling.

For this, we provide a service known as crown thinning, where we remove a portion of the smaller branches within the tree's canopy. This keeps a consistent density of the foliage, without altering the overall size or the shape of the tree. We recommend that no more than 30% is removed and will advise of this on a per-customer basis.

Once this is complete, more light will be able to pass through the tree, wind will pass through the tree with less resistance and there will also be less weight on the branches, reducing the likelihood of a collapse.

This service is usually for broad-leaved trees but we can also perform a crown thinning on conifer trees also, if your tree is blocking light.



This service involves reducing either the height or the spread of the tree's canopy... or often both, depending on the customer! A crown reduction can be required to reduce the mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree.

The final result will keep the main framework of the crown and will leave a similar, yet smaller, tree canopy. This is ideal if you have a tree that is just getting too big and you want to reduce it's overall size.

Our team will make small cuts to reduce the height or spread of the tree's crown, without the need to remove large sections of the canopy, unless there is a specific need to do so.

We'll remove all debris and you can keep any woodchippings or timber if you'd like, for either mulch or firewood.

tree crown reduction nottingham

why use a qualified tree surgeon?


At Urban Tree Care, we'll make sure that the tree which needs removing isn't protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order). Ignoring a TPO is illegal and can result in a penalty notice. These TPOs are made to protect trees that bring significant benefits to the local area, and protects them from unnecessary destruction.

We are professional tree surgeons in Nottingham with a team that have been trained and assessed to NPTC and LANTRA standards, showing we are competent to carry out any tree work to British Standard guidelines (BS3998) and using safety equipment to protect our customers, their property and ourselves.

We have £5,000,000 in public liability insurance and our team are covered by £10,000,000 in employee liability insurance, giving you total peace of mind when you book us.




If you're looking for a quote for any of the tree or hedge care services that we offer, you can get in touch with us via telephone or by filling out the quotation form. A member of the team will be in touch to discuss how we can help and arrange a site survey if needed.


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