we'll help with your tree stump grinding or removal

We offer a tree stump grinding service across Nottingham and the wider county. Perhaps you've got a tree stump that's causing problems in your garden or elsewhere on your property? We can help!

Our professional team of arborists in Nottingham will use the latest equipment and techniques to grind down your troublesome tree stump. Our stump grinder is a heavy-duty piece of equipment which has sharp teeth on a spinning wheel. These teeth gradually grind the stump down into wood chippings.

If you require our tree stump removal service then the stump will be ground down by our team until it's no longer visible, removing the base of the tree and most major roots to avoid regrowth and further problems. You'll have a clear and level surface and it will be as if the tree stump was never there. We'll also set up a protective barrier to stop the wood chippings from the grinding process creating mess on your property, removing and taking away any debris that is created.

Often a tree stump will be ground down at the same time as a customer has a tree removed. Stumps can generally be ground down to up to 250mm below ground level. You'll be able to use the area where the tree stump was for lawn, planting a shrub bed or creating a patio or decking area. The tree will not be able to re-grow in the future.


From £120 +VAT

tree stump removal nottingham

We don't use any chemicals or pesticides that could harm your garden or property as part of our tree stump removal service. Our team will also undertake a thorough safety check to ensure that there are no underground electrical cables or water pipes that could be affected by the tree stump grinding.

Our team have significant experience in tree surgery and tree care. We make sure that we don't cause undue harm to the environment or wildlife in the local area with all work we do.

Get total peace of mind knowing that we have full public liability insurance for all work that we undertake. We also undertake a complimentary site survey and you can request a quote and a chat with one of our team online.

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