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we'll trim and care for your conifer

conifer trimming in nottingham

Conifers make for beautiful hedges, bordering your garden or around your property, flanking a long driveway of many other uses. There are many varieties of conifer in the UK, including pine, Douglas fir, Leyland cypress, yew and many others.

No matter which varoety of conifer you have, it needs to be trimmed if you want to keep things looking neat and tidy. If looked after well, they can make for a stunning piece of greenery in your garden or commercial space.

For the most part, conifers are evergreen. They're known for growing, very fast, up to very large heights (occasionally they can go up to 100 metres!) but there's also plenty of smaller growing varieties too.


To keep them in check and looking neat and tidy, you'll want professional tree surgeons to look after them for you. Luckily, we offer our conifer trimming in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Why you should get your conifers pruned


There's a number of reasons for getting your conifers professionally pruned by a tree surgeon or arborist, beyond just beautiful landscaping.


Cutting back the branches of a conifer will prevent them breaking off in bad weather, and larger more dominant branches can prevent the growth of other branches.

When your conifer is trimmed, it will also be shaped which keeps it looking neat and beautiful... if left alone it would grow unevenly and look messy. It also keeps your conifer from growing to unmanageable heights, potentially blocking sunlight from gardens and your home.


Finally, it's good for the overall health of the conifer, helping to prevent disease.

conifer pruning nottingham
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When to get your conifer trimmed


When it comes down to the question of when you should get your conifer trimmed, the answer varies depending on the variety of conifer tree you have. One of the golden rules is to never get your conifer pruned during a very hot or very dry weather period as the needles may turn brown.

Regardless of which conifer variety you have, our friendly team will be happy to help and in addition to pruning will provide advice on the optimum maintenance and pruning plan for you to enjoy the best of your conifer. We cover conifer pruning in Nottingham and across the county of Nottinghamshire, so can look after you anywhere in this area.

Late Spring & Early Summer Conifer Trimming


We recommend that the below variants of conifer tree are trimmed late in the Spring or early in the Summer when they are pushing out new growth:

  • Pines - these have bear needles which are often long and in groups of 2, 3 or 5

  • Thujas - these have very soft needles which have sprays along the stems

  • Junipers - these have a spray-like foliage

  • False Cypress - similar to the Juniper, but with some silvery X like markings on the undersides

Late Winter & Late Summer Conifer Trimming


The below variants of conifer tree should be trimmed when they are dormant, which is in the late Winter or late into the Summer:

  • Douglas fir - these have needles which are in a spiral pattern around the stem of the tree

  • Fir - these have needles all along the branch which are very stiff

  • Spruce - these conifers have very sharp needles which are all across the stem

  • Hemlock - these stiff needles are short, flat and dark green, with 2 white bands underneath

  • Yew - these conifers have short but soft needles, which are flat in shape with a tip that's tapered




If you're looking for a quote for any of the tree or hedge care services that we offer, you can get in touch with us via telephone or by filling out the quotation form. A member of the team will be in touch to discuss how we can help and arrange a site survey if needed.


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