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felling and removal oftrees

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We cover most of Nottinghamshire

As professional arborists and tree surgeons covering the Nottingham area, we know a thing or two about caring for trees and how sometimes, a tree needs to be removed. If you're concerned or curious about costs before requesting a quote, find out the average cost to remove a tree and learn more.

tree removal in nottingham

At Urban Tree Care, we specialise in the professional care and protection for beautiful trees, however sometimes a tree is not wanted, for whatever reason.

Perhaps you're wanting to re-landscape your garden, or want to clear space on a business premises for more buildings. Whatever the reason for your tree removal in Nottingham, we can help.


As professional tree surgeons in Nottingham, our team of expert arborists will assess the tree anywhere in Nottingham and arrange for the felling and removal of it.


We use specialist equipment and are fully insured to responsibly and professionally fell the tree (usually in sections before the final stem of the tree is removed and the stump ground down) before removing it and disposing of it.

We also specialise in dead tree removal too, if you have a deceased tree that needs professionally removing then you can rely on our tree removal service to take care of the job.



Most of our tree removal services will be carried out using sectional removal practices, whereby the larger branches are cut up into smaller sections, then lowered to ground level using ropes.

We do this until all that remains is the main stem (or trunk) which can be cut and removed in small sections, from the top down until it's possible to fell the tree in the space we have available.

Our team will ensure that the site is left clean, with all debris removed. Many customers will also require removal of the tree stump too, which we can also assist with using our speciality machinery, to ensure a flat surface that can be used for lawn, shrubbery, patio or any other purpose.


We can also leave woodchippings for you if you'd like them for firewood or to use as mulch.

nottingham tree removal service

why use a qualified tree surgeon?


At Urban Tree Care, we'll make sure that the tree which needs removing isn't protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order). Ignoring a TPO is illegal and can result in a penalty notice. These TPOs are made to protect trees that bring significant benefits to the local area, and protects them from unnecessary destruction.

We are professional tree surgeons in Nottingham with a team that have been trained and assessed to NPTC and LANTRA standards, showing we are competent to carry out any tree work to British Standard guidelines (BS3998) and using safety equipment to protect our customers, their property and ourselves.

We have £5,000,000 in public liability insurance and our team are covered by £10,000,000 in employee liability insurance, giving you total peace of mind when you book us.




If you're looking for a quote for any of the tree or hedge care services that we offer, you can get in touch with us via telephone or by filling out the quotation form. A member of the team will be in touch to discuss how we can hep.


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