At Urban Tree Care Ltd we recycle all the logs, wood chip and green waste that

arise from our tree surgery and hedge cutting work.

Our Firewood we can supply is a mixture of the hardwood trees (Ash, Birch, Chestnut, Maple etc)
we have worked on, cut in to log sized sections and have seasoned for 12 months.

Throughout the seasoning process the logs are stored outdoors and un-split and can be delivered,
loose, as close to your required location as possible.

Wood chip Supplies

A large amount of the Wood chip we produce is used at local allotments for paths,

or left at clients properties to be used as garden mulch.

If you would like any wood chip we can offer to deliver a minimum of 4000lts to sites.

Wood chip supplied is unseasoned and often a mixture of grades and isn't suitable for borders or decorative areas of your garden ,

Contact us to arrange.

Softwood logs and green waste are taken to a Green Waste Recycling facility

where it is chipped down to be used as fuel for the biomass energy market.